September 2022 – Brexit: UKCA marking

With reference to Brexit, from 1 January 2023 all products introduced on the UK market must bear the dedicated UKCA marking:

the UKCA marking on the products certifies their compliance with the legislative requirements of the United Kingdom; the conformity assessment procedures are carried out by UK Approved Bodies whom are responsible for releasing new certification or verifying the EC certifications already in place, thus issuing the proper UK certification identified by the UKCA marking. 

Comprehensive documentation on the subject can easily be found online by visiting the official UK Department Business for Energy & Industrial Strategy website.

As regards our products, starting from the deliveries of the last quarter 2022, the UKCA marking will be shown on the item identification label for all customers (only for products required to bear the UKCA marking and specifically the primary PTO drive shafts and the complete shield assemblies) along with the EC marking already present on it. The relative instruction manuals supplied with each product will also bear the UKCA marking.